Will Counties and Towns Nullify the NDAA?

Fremont, El Paso Counties in Colorado May Be Followed By Many More

Some people argue that principles of state sovereignty would be a pointless strategy in their state.  They argue that their statehouse is even more corrupt than the Feds and in some cases, they may have a point.

Fortunately there is much that can be done at the county level.  Sources are telling Tenth Amendment Center that there are a high number of counties in Colorado alone that are ready to turn back the NDAA.

What do you do when the Feds decide that they’re allowed to kidnap people?  Do you wait until you’ve made the ‘correct’ voting choices or do you do what Jefferson would have high-fived you for and tell the DC bureaucrats who seek to dominate we, the people, “NO!”.  “No, you may not enter this county and kidnap citizens of this county.”