Enumerated Powers Act

A local political activist related an interesting exchange that allegedly occurred at a recent political event.

During a discussion with a congressional candidate, an interested citizen asked about the constitutionality of the Patriot Act. The candidate’s response was something to the effect of, “Show me where it’s NOT constitutional.”

The response illustrates yet another example of bass-ackwards thinking in America.

Those who respect the Constitution and hold to the founder’s ideas of limited federal power have somehow allowed themselves to fall back into a defensive position. Statists take the offensive, challenging liberty lovers to prove that they can’t do something, instead of justifying the constitutional authority that allows them to pass certain acts.

I blame the courts. We’ve come to accept a system where the legislative branch does as it pleases and then hopes a sympathetic court will allow the law to stand. This has politicized the judicial system and created a mentality that allows for statements like the congressional candidate’s cited above.


Enumerated Powers Act: A Step in the Right Direction

EDITOR’S NOTE: To support the Enumerated Powers Act, please visit our friends over at DownsizeDC – click here My attention was recently drawn to some good news. Though it’s not the first time it has been proposed, I can’t remember seeing such support for the Enumerated Powers Act in the past. Today, the senate version…