I was scanning the ‘nets and found some interesting responses to MT’s Firearms Freedom Act that I thought I would share.

“How much is Al Qaeda paying this “Grass roots movement” to try to make an ‘end run’ on the US Governments Constitutional rights? (Yes, I said what I meant).  I do not believe that ‘Most Montanans’ feel they way Al Qaedas paid stooges do.  Bin Laden knows that the only way to “defeat Freedom of thought” is to divide the USA and conquer from within like he is doing in the Mideast.. “

Hurry everybody, to your designated ‘Al Qaeda’ meeting points.

“Is the Constitution an idol to worship? I hate to play the role of anarchist, but to kill is also breaking a law set forth thousands of years ago, by the true parchment of law. Guns are only made for killing. In the hands of laymen and criminals, they are deadly for anybody, not just to the true enemy, like Al Qaeda or insurgents. Civilians owning guns is vigilant and treacherous.”

Before I could generate the thought myself, I read the next post which summed up my response perfectly.

“Let’s analyze your argument.
1) Guns are bad because they are “only made for killing.”
2) Since killing is bad, those with guns must be bad also.
3) The entity in the USA with the most guns is the [Federal] government, so the worst entity in the USA is the [Federal] government.

That is the logical conclusion is it not? I don’t totally disagree with the fact that the biggest perpetrator of crime in the USA is the federal government, but not because it has guns, but because it uses those guns for coerce me and violate my rights.

As soon as no criminals (including government employees) have no weapons or ways to infringe upon my rights, I’ll think about voluntarily surrendering my guns. I do enjoy target shooting BTW.”

Unfortunately, the latter responder represents the minority in this republic at the moment, but that is changing quickly by my estimation.  If I could scientifically track the rate at which every day Americans are learning about the proper, LIMITED role of Federal Government, the curve would be exponential.

The single greatest need of the 10th/sovereignty movement at this point for all of you to continue your daily work on the front lines, correcting misinfo like this janky tweet:

“10th amendment if given a VERY narrow reading by anti-HCR ppl who R trying 2 use “states rights” as reason 2 perpetuate status quo”

Not quite as entertaining as the ‘Al Queda’ allegation but likely more troubling.  The ‘status quo’ is exactly what the 10th Amendment movement stands in direct opposition of.

You all know what you must do…dive in to article comment threads, the twit-o-sphere and any other virtual place that bad ideas take root and be a defender of the truth!

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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