On Friday, November 6th 2009, I called into a conference call hosted by The Federalist Society (I’m a member) which featured speakers such as Peter Urbanowicz and David B. Rivkin, Jr on the topic on National Health-care.

The speakers really knew their stuff but they and the callers who asked questions basically accepted the notion that the Supreme Court is the final arbiter on the Constitution. Listening to them discuss the interstate commerce clause and the Court’s holdings in Wickard and Lopez, made me think to myself, “what’s the point?”

Why even bother talking about the Constitution if 5 politically appointed lawyers can change what the Constitution means in a blink of the eye? This is why the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) and the State Sovereignty movement are so important.

TAC doesn’t buy into the big lie that we have to sit on our hands and just accept what the feds tell us about the Constitution. Establishment originalists could learn a thing or two from TAC.

Craig Grant
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The 10th Amendment

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