A 10th Amendment Primer for Those Who Lean Left

Once upon a time I eagerly tuned in to MSNBC on a nightly basis. I knew that there was something hideously wrong with the direction our country was in and at that time I believed that “if only Bush had not been elected president, none of this would be happening and the country would be much better off”. I instinctively recoiled at the ways in which the central government’s power ballooned under ‘W’ and I recognized that injustices and a loss of liberty were the effects of this change. At the time, Olbermann and Maddow went after Bush in a big way, which brought me comfort.

Enter Obama.

Millions celebrated, as I did, the election of a president who crossed a massive racial divide, who was the exact opposite of George W Bush. I couldn’t imagine two more different presidents than Barack and ‘W’.

So then why, after we elected such a ‘different’ president, have so many ‘Bush-esque’ things continued?

Recent announcements of an escalation to the war in Afghanistan and reports that Blackwater mercenaries are still killing under Obama as they were under Bush are likely troubling for Obama’s anti-war supporters. Others may have even been disheartened back in January, as I was, by Barack’s choices to fill his cabinet, a list that included corporate lobbyists, banksters implicit in our economic collapse and champions of genetically modified food and environmental destruction. Even ‘W’s Secretary of Defense got to stay. Nearly one year in, liberties continue to erode, injustices begun under Bush have still not been denounced and our phones and emails continue to be monitored. Why? because aside from Obama himself, the cast of characters has not changed and neither has their agenda.

The Federal government is so dysfunctional, so corrupted by it’s own power that many see it as beyond reform. Did the current Democratic congress seek justice after Bush’s alleged war crimes? Not even a hearing. Has anyone been brought to justice? No.

Democrats and Republicans alike put on a good show for the CSPAN cameras, but really are taking orders from the samebush-obama-skull monster, one that provides cash and even more power. Nancy Pelosi knows that if she were to allow hearings on Bush’s regime, congressional Democrats would share the blame, destroying the romantic illusion of “Left vs Right” struggle.

Fortunately, there is a champion waiting to side with the American people and help us to sort all of this out- the document that started it all, the Constitution of the United States of America. There is no radical new approach that is needed to correct our current national woes, only a return to the original methods devised by Thomas Jefferson and other cherished American revolutionaries. Particularly through the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, we were given a course to limit Federal power and likewise the corruption that currently has our people in a stranglehold.

The 10th Amendment movement has been characterized as taking a side in the Republican v Democrat scheme, it has not and needs not. State sovereignty has been equated with secession, it is not. The real reason that the ‘Tenthers’ threaten the likes Olbermann, Maddow, Pelosi and Obama is that we in the sovereignty movement threaten to bring down the entire scheme of corruption and deceit on which they feed and without ever firing a shot. Regular mainstream Americans from many different backgrounds and politcal parties are finding common ground in the 10th movement, which seeks only to peacefully restore the balance of power, striking down the unconstitutional bureaucracy of the Federal government and putting that power back in the hands of the people, via their 50 state governments.

While optimism is an admirable trait, blind faith in a president or a political party is the greatest cause of things being the way they are today. We, the people live under a corrupt central government we have allowed to take root while ignoring the carefully laid plans of our republic’s founders. Optimism will not fix things. Relying on someone else to ‘change’ them won’t work either. It’s time for all Americans to tune out the greedy proclamations of the establishment and instead pay attention to those who worked so hard 200 years ago to provide us with a better life today.

It is time for all Americans to rally behind the 10th Amendment. You, your neighbors and everyone you know are invited…welcome to the fold!

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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