Hats off to Bryce Shonka for creating a beautiful, articulate tri-fold to help us educate people on the Firearms Freedom Act. In Utah this is a big help for gaining citizen support for Sen. Margaret Dayton’s (R- Orem, Senate District 15) SB-11; Utah State-Made Firearms Protection legislation.

The link to the tri-fold is; Firearms Freedom Act tri-fold

We must help educate people on the abuse and usurpation 2nd Amendment violations have had for decades. It is time states take back responsibility for the protection of life, liberty, and property at within our sovereign borders. Thank you again Bryce!!

Gary Wood is a lifetime VFW member with a passion for the Oath of Office and our Supreme Law. With nearly 40 years of devoted study of our Constitution his desire is to help others rediscover the inspiring heritage of the United States. His desire is to see a restoration through education and communication before American Federalism is lost completely. Interposition and nullification are critically important in both restoration and maintenance of the U.S. Supreme Law.

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