utah-flagSJR-6; State Sovereignty and Tenth Amendment is set to be introduced by Sen. Howard Stephenson (R-SD11).  This is one of several resolutions referencing states’ rights yet this is directly from the citizens.  Sen. Stephenson worked with the Utah 9.12 States’ Rights Coalition.  Members of the coalition crafted the original draft of the resolution.  According to Larry Jensen, “It is unique in that it is a statement from the PEOPLE of Utah, not a statement from legislators. That’s the key point.  Long term, in order to effectively challenge unconstitutional actions of the federal government, the people need to understand and commit to support those principles.   This resolution is crafted as a teaching tool for that purpose.”

Senator Stephenson’s proposed resolution definitely has more substance compared to Rep. Jim Bird’s (R – LD42) HR-2 – Resolution Regarding the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution or even HCR – 2 – Concurrent Resolution on States’ Rights that Rep. Julie Fisher (R – LD17) is sponsoring.  Using either as a teaching tool would be more challenging, however it is good to see so many Utah Legislators actively supporting our rights and duties under the long overlooked Tenth Amendment.  We are glad Rep. Bird and Rep. Fisher are letting their support be known through sponsorship of their resolutions, when the legislation follows we can look to them for support as well.

Senator Stephenson has been helping citizens put SJR – 6 together since June of 2009.  His support of Utah’s rights and responsibility to uphold the Tenth Amendment are uplifting.  His resolution will be announced Monday the 25th at a noon press conference held in the Capitol West Building.  After the joint resolution is introduced the Patrick Henry Caucus will outline important legislative actions which support Utah’s rights to land, firearms, health care, and more.

For those unable to be at the press conference on Monday a special event is being held onSaturday, Jan. 23rd so every citizen will be able to learn what legislation they should be looking to support in 2010.  Also, there will be a seminar to help people understand the history and importance of the Tenth Amendment.   The only way to protect Utah from the federal government usurpation and control of our resources is to stand together in support of the legislators willing to uphold their oath.

gary wood

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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