For generations, the federal government has pissed on the integrity of the union, supposedly formed by the bonds of choice, reflection, friendship and likeness. It has treated the people of the States as scoopers in the valley of the crap they roll down hill, of which they claim to be king. The society of each state serves as nothing more than just another creditor to their addictive gambling game of power, corruption and debauchery.

Anymore, one cannot even possess an accurate knowledge of just how much degradation permeates the entire system of the federal government and its chain-gang of states. Amazingly, some still believe that freedom can be restored through the political gamesmanship in Washington D.C. For this reason, some of the States have finally awakened to this reality and are beginning to act appropriately and accordingly.

Another blaring contemporary illustration highlights just how true this is.
As many now know, Arizona passed an illegal immigration law which is designed to secure the borders of its State from those who are in that State illegally. The response from the federal government was predictable and typical: “Arizona can’t do that; it is our sole prerogative to ‘secure’ the border. Arizona’s action is unconstitutional. Blah, blah, blah.” Of course, there are always those nationalists and statists who criticize a State for doing anything without the federal government’s permission: “The new law, which is due to take effect in late July or early August in the unlikely event it withstands constitutional challenges, essentially codifies racial profiling, throwing civil liberties to the wind.” (Emphasis added). Together, they make a beautiful partnership of distortion and misinformation.

The federal government and its supporters would rather oxymoronically protect illegal immigrants’ supposed “legal rights” than protect the natural and compact rights of the state citizens, governments and societies. They would rather each state suffer the irreparable harm and costs of allowing (and yes, encouraging!) millions of illegals to come here and suck the life out of these States for now and most assuredly for later.

These people paint a portrait with a set of children’s crayons on cheap toilet paper and frame it with used cardboard paper from a flea market. And somehow we are supposed to hang it on the walls of our most revered sanctuaries and say, “look how pretty our country is with the federal government in control.”

Why would these illegals confidently and self-righteously protest against such a state law: because they have no respect for the law to begin with; they do not know what the purpose and responsibility of the state government is; they could not care less about the cultural, moral and American ideals forming the individual republics of the States and the United States; they do not respect the union of the states’ formation, nor do they care about its foundation; and they know the federal government has no intention of enforcing the already-existing laws to secure U.S. borders. Ultimately, just leave them alone: they are doing fine with the federal government in control of illegal immigration.
Why would the federal government ignore its responsibility in securing the borders and then criticize a state for protecting itself in response to the federal government’s failure to do so: because its agenda is one of amnesty and integration; it is ready and willing to buy illegals’ votes and support by “guaranteeing” them all of the social and governmental benefits that we, the legal workers in America, pay for and provide; and it prefers and seeks after a one-world system of government and despises the sovereignty of individual states and nations. Ultimately, just leave them alone: they are accruing the power and control they desire by exercising unfettered control.

Thankfully, some of the States do not agree. Best-selling author, Jerome Corsi, recently described Arizona’s illegal immigration law as “sparking a state rights revolution”. His acknowledgment of the State rights revolution is correct, but Arizona’s law is not the spark. Rather, it is another burst of oxygen on the fire that has been burning brightly for over a year and has been stoking for many.

The fire will only continue to grow given the despicable manner in which the federal government and its faithful supporters disrespect and even despise the (original) U.S. Constitution, the tenth amendment, the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the ideals of freedom founding the union of thirteen independent and sovereign states of America.

I welcome the fire’s growth and encourage its success. In fact, I just happen to have some (very expensive) gasoline I am willing to donate to Arizona and its like.

Copyright 2010 Timothy Baldwin

Timothy Baldwin
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