Last night my wife Gloria and I hosted our inaugural book study club at our home.Sadly it was not well attended, with only one other couple and our two dogs which has prompted the writing of this appeal.

The book we are starting out with is W.Cleon Skousen’s “5000 Year Leap,” or as subtitled, “Principles of Freedom 101.”  The book in itself lays out the formation of our nation and Constitution by our founding fathers based upon 28 principles required to obtain and maintain our freedom. I cannot recommend this text enough as it takes our nations formulation through history from the earliest governments to our own government in such a way that the reader cannot help but recognize the path our founders took in the creation of our government to the path we all have taken in our Republic and Constitution’s deconstruction.

Although we only delved into the preliminary text and acknowledgements in the, Foreword, The Challenge, Preface and Introduction, the call was clear to each of us, that the demand placed upon us if we chose to accept its calling, was to learn and teach these fundamentals of freedom each and everyday, with each and every contact we have. How will you answer the call?

The path for myself and most of my associates dedicated to re-establishing the promise and government that our founding fathers had intended takes many forms, attending training, seminars, organizing rallies, vetting candidates, running for office and more. The one thing that is clear to all of us is that we can no longer sit idly by and allow the continued destruction of promise, opportunity and possibility that was and is the underlying legacy left by Franklin, Madison, Jefferson, Payne, Livingston, Morse, Washington and all of the others, for our posterity.

How and when you reach that moment of clarity is solely dependent on the path you chose to take and whether you realize it or not simply by reading these posts on the Tenth Amendment Center “Word-Press” national and state  pages you have placed yourself upon the path toward clarity and eventual action.  But whether you are spurred to grasping for more learning about our nations foundations or are spurred to action, the most important thing you can do is to arm yourselves for the battle by becoming well versed in our nations foundations, our form of government and our Rule of Law as found in the Constitution. Well armed with knowledge we can dismantle any argument, promote an intelligent agenda and stir the masses to take responsibility for the future, not just our immediate future, but the future of our nation for generations to come.

There is no doubt in my mind that the very future of the nation we will leave for our progeny lies in our hands. We cannot and must not shirk that responsibility otherwise just as the generation of World War II became known as the “Greatest Generation” ours will become known as “The Last Generation of Free Men.”

May God bless us all and may God use us to secure our nation’s  future.

cross-posted from the New York Tenth Amendment Center

The 10th Amendment

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