Deroy Murdock had a devastating piece July 9th on the federal government’s unconscionable response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (

The catalogue he provides of federal ineptitude and interference is worthy of reading in and of itself, but it is his advice at the end that I wish to draw your attention to here:

Team Obama, the Washington bureaucracy, and their field agents pose a clear and present danger to the Gulf Coast’s entire population — both humans and wildlife. With tar balls as big as ping-pong balls now soiling Galveston, Texas — making this a five-state crisis — the region’s mayors and governors should respond to this emergency by openly defying federal officials who demand inaction while pelicans gag on oil and oysters drown in BP sauce.

Jefferson Parish should deploy those rocks. Louisiana should shift that sand into place. If Washington keeps restricting prospectively helpful foreign ships, as it still is doing, Gulf Coast governors should invite them to sail into position to protect their states’ sovereign shores.

And if the feds want to prevent these American citizens from saving people, property, and wildlife from 60,000 barrels of fresh petroleum daily, let Team Obama go down there and physically stop them.

Rather than simply moaning about the federal government’s woeful response, Gov. Jindal and other state and local government officials should take any and all necessary actions to protect their states, parishes, counties, and cities from the crude oil moving toward their shores. That is real leadership. That is the proper duty of state and local governments.

Walt Garlington
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