Texas vs. EPA update:

At this moment, the State of Texas is clashing with the EPA over the EPA’s arbitrary and unconstitutional changes to the Clean Air Act.  (The EPA seems to have forgotten that Congress, not a department of the executive branch, writes our laws.)  The whole story is here:


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Chairman Bryan Shaw have in no uncertain terms told the EPA they will not comply with their illegal changes:

“On behalf of the State of Texas, we write to inform you that Texas has neither the authority nor the intention of interpreting, ignoring or amending its laws in order to compel the permitting of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Please contact these men (see below for addresses & links) and encourage them to continue to stand against arbitrary rule-making by the federal government.  And ask your own state’s governor and legislature to act with the bravery these two men have exhibited; to protect your own state from a hyperactive, unrestrained EPA.

Texas AG:
E-mail:  mailto:greg.abbott@oag.state.tx.us

Other contact information:


Texas TCEQ Chairman:

E-mail:  ac@tceq.state.tx.us

Other contact information:  http://www.tceq.state.tx.us/about/directory/comm_directory.html

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