In Minnesota, when we have political debates, such as in Duluth, and Grand Rapids, we only see candidates that are from the Donkey and Elephant regimes, one trying to out do the other buying the most votes.

The above mentioned debates were sponsored by Debate Minnesota, which boasts a board member lineup of Donkeys and Elephants that apparently selects only candidates of their choosing, even though there are other qualified candidates seeking to represent the people of Minnesota instead of spending, corruption and lies.{00792D64-D452-4A07-98B7-1EAAE9120F19}

Some of us in Minnesota are realizing, some faster than others, that the two party plague is in fact a disease that protects career politicians, corporate interests and increased taxes for the continued expansion of big government.  We want and need less not more!

Many of us in Minnesota are becoming or are damn tired of electing representatives that take it upon themselves to become our masters.  This certainly can not be what our Founders had envisioned.

In 1776 our Founders feared one thing above all others…a government with too much power!!  In 2010, We the People, have allowed this fear to become a reality and much of what we are experiencing in this country today…took place in 1939 Germany!  Think about that!!

We certainly need to look seriously at moving beyond this Two-Party plague disease before it destroys all our freedoms.  It is difficult to get to know that there are, in fact, other choices available when those candidates are not invited or blocked from participate in debates.  That in itself should send up some Red Flags.  Why??  What/Who are they protecting??  What are they hiding?

We the People need to exercise our right to VOTE!!  If you get to the voting booth and find yourself not sure of who to vote for…try something different…like the new I.R.S…the Incumbent Replacement Service.  You already know all about the debt, corruption and lies of the current incumbents…try something different, it surely can not be any worse can it??

Remember in NO-vember!

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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