Is “I Want Your Money” a truth-telling slogan of neocon Republicans? No, it’s their charge at liberal Democrats (who also want your money and have made their own lying films by the boatload) in a new agitprop documentary. The movie features a cast of thousands, or so it seems, of big-government conservatives, and the trailer opens with a cartoon Reagan lecturing a cartoon Obama that redistribution is theft. Well, of course, it is. But every single thing the government does is redistributive, from you to Lockheed or Social Security or Karzai or the CIA. 

Ronald Reagan was a big-government conservative if there ever was one, massively increasing spending, borrowing, and taxes (he cut taxes once and raised them six times), while telling folksy lies along the way. Oh, and he gave us Alan Greenspan. Obama should be tossed out, of course, but the Gingrich-Huckabee chickenhawks are hardly the appropriate replacements. Republicans are just Bugsy Siegel to the Democrats’ Al Capone. Well, that’s unfair. Black-market businessmen Siegal and Capone provided useful products to willing customers despite the federal crime syndicate.

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