We see Paxton all over Texas campaigning to be the next speaker, we see Straus all over Texas trying to remain speaker, but where is Chisum? If the Republicans call a caucus, would his participation cause split votes and keep Straus as Speaker? Is it possible that he has a third party effect on the election of the speaker?

Why would Chisum decide to stay in the race after the two front runners appear to be Paxton and Straus? Why not drop out and allow those two men to duke it out for Speaker?

Paxton and Straus have the most pledges, and Chisum himself has said that he entered the race for a more conservative speaker to be the next leader. Well, Leo Berman entered the speakers race on the principles of conservative leadership and has since dropped out of the race in favor of Chisum or Paxton.

For this caucus to work, there needs to be two candidates, and only two candidates or else Straus wins again.

We all know that Straus is not the man to lead Texas… everyone that cares about the speaker race needs to take the next step and clear the field for a true conservative speaker.

Now is the time to ask Chisum to endorse Paxton and continue this fight for conservative leadership.

Brian Roberts

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