Rodale News is running a fantastic article by Emily Main: “Wikileaks Memos Reveal U.S. Gov’t Pushing Gene-Altered Crops Worldwide.” According to the article, currently available documents “provide interesting insights into how aggressively the U.S. State Department is pushing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) abroad.”

While most of the rest of the world is flat-out rejecting these manufactured toxins, the U.S. government, along with its corporate state giants (like Monsanto), has been trying to bully the EU, as well as other, smaller countries, into exporting the highly profitable GMOs. From the article, it is noted that one of the released cables (bold emphasis is mine):

describes a meeting between Senators Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and John Thune (R-S.D.) and two officials from Spain, which is one of the only European countries currently growing genetically modified crops (Poland is the other). One of the Spanish officials noted that Spain “had a relatively ‘liberal’ view with respect to biotechnology. However, even in Spain, the technology was controversial and faced NGO opposition.” The two senators then asked “what influence Spain could exercise in Brussels [the de facto capital of the European Union] on the issue,” to which the Spanish officials responded “commodity price hikes might spur greater liberalization to biotech imports.”

Note that Senator Grassley is a consistent advocate of the biotech industry, receives much in contributions from GMO king Monsanto (and ethanol king Archer Daniels Midland), and has long been fighting the EU on the GMO issue. In 2003, he advocated filing a legal case against the EU to challenge its moratorium on GMOs. The nerve of those French — and other Euros — to deny the Big Agra Complex and their dictates!

Remember that FDA Food Safety Modernization Act was just passed by Senate and then approved on December 21 by the House of Representatives. Grassley was a big supporter of this food tyranny bill which will give the federal government supreme power over the nation’s food supply while it chokes off smaller, local competition and backyard growers.

If you go to the website of the FDA, you will note its newly-created “Office of Foods.” This, along with the food “safety” bill, will give the Feds unprecedented power over the food and agricultural industry. The Food Czar is none other than Michael R. Taylor, Obama’s point man for securing profits for the Big Agra-Manufactured Food Complex. Taylor, in case you don’t know, is a former Vice President and Chief Lobbyist for Monsanto. Taylor began his career as a lawyer with the FDA, and from there he went to King & Spalding, a law firm that represented Monsanto. He then went back to the FDA as a deputy commissioner for policy so that he could oversee the FDA’s approval of Monsanto’s BGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone). Taylor then moved to the USDA. Then he was off to Monsanto.

Note that Monsanto’s top rBGH scientist, Margaret Miller, also moved on to the FDA where she, along with Taylor, moved the FDA forward to approve Posilac, Monsanto Corporation’s formulation of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbST or rBGH). Miller, while working for Monsanto, had submitted the Monsanto scientific report to the FDA for approval, and she went to the FDA prior to the approval. Her first task at the FDA was to approve her own scientific report she had prepared for Monsanto. Both she and Taylor were subjects of a GAO (General Accounting Office) investigation for their role in the approval, yet the GAO Report ended up dismissing any financial impropriety.

Remember that Monsanto sued retailers and dairies for advertising that their milk was “rBGH-free.” That’s because Michael Taylor, while he was at the FDA, wrote the labeling guidelines for the FDA that prevented the advertisement of dairy products as being rBGH-free. Oakhurst Dairy was the first dairy company to reject artificial growth hormone and advertised its milk with the label, “No Artificial Growth Hormone Used.” Since then, Oakhurst has been forced to add the disclaimer: ”FDA states: No significant difference in milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormone.”

Do you remember the story about the US Supreme Court hearing arguments in the Monsanto v Geertson Seed Farms case earlier this year? Clarence Thomas did not view this as a conflict of interest even though he worked for Monsanto, as an attorney, for 4 years. Yes, the revolving doors between Big Agra and the US government are rivaled only by the revolving doors between the government-defense industry and government-Big Pharma.

Additionally (yes, there’s more….much more), WikiLeaks docs also show that the US government is also pressuring the Vatican to make pro-GMO pronouncements because there is tremendous resistance to GMOs among Catholics in the developing world.

Karen De Coster
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