Want to get involved and not know how? The question was asked of me this morning on the Aroostook Watchmen Radio Program with Steve Martin and Jack McCarthy and I immediately thought of putting this out. There are many passionate activists around America today who have been concerned and follow the events with a close eye. There are others who wish to be involved, but they don’t know how.

We all attend rallies, local meetings, and swap perspectives through our political discourse, expressing discontent and debating the truth. But does action ever occur? Many of us fall into the trap of, as I like to put it, showing up to the Pep Rally and not showing up to the big game. This isn’t because we’re not willing, but because we don’t know how. I’m confronted with the question often and help get people up to speed. But there may be more people out there, like you and I, who wish to help in bettering the world around us.

Nullification is the rising solution to the unconstitutional actions of the Federal Government, as people are becoming aware. It is not the final solution, but it’s the major first step in returning the powers back to where they belong, in the States. Advancing nullification will result in restoring the balance of government and ensuring that our processes become more accessible to everyday citizens, as opposed to being available to only career politicians and lawyers.

First: Get in contact with the Tenth Amendment Center
If you’re here in the State of Maine, you can contact me at chris.dixon@tenthamendmentcenter.com. There we can discuss how you can contribute and if you wish to discuss things more directly, I’m more than happy to give you my cell number to help maintain more direct contact.

If you are outside the State, you can go to your respective State chapter page and find your State Coordinator contact information. If it is unavailable or we have not established a chapter yet in your State, then you can contact founder Michael Boldin (info@tenthamendment Center) or Deputy Director Bryce Shonka (bryce@tenthamendmentcenter.com). They can help set you up from there.

Ways to get involved?

Contact the Legislature: There are many good legislators, some who are already educated as to the benefits of nullification, but then there are others who are on the fence. Activists can only get so far, but the voices of everyday citizens do a lot. As more and more citizens urge our Legislators to take action with various pieces of legislation, they can be swayed by public opinion as public representatives.

If you don’t know who your State Representative and Senator is, then you can go to the official Maine Legislature website at www.mainelegislature.org. Specifically, you can find both here in a Legislator Directory listed by Town: http://maine.gov/legis/house/townlist.htm. A great first step to getting involved is to establish communication with your local representatives and establish a solid relationship with them.

Educate people in your area: Like many, people in your area are likely good, honest people who perhaps are frustrated with the system. But many people also think that the system is too deep in corruption and too far out of their hands to make an impact. There are, however, ways for people to make a positive impact and alter the course of society for the better. People just need to be shown how to it, and why this way will be a viable course of action.

Spread the word: The mainstream media opposes any out-of-the-box solutions and favors only the same old broken system that our society has worsened under. The Constitution is a forgotten piece of society but it is key as this is the document that provides the framework of our Government. The mainstream offers a very distorted view that contradicts the Constitution and it is our responsibility as citizens to help show them the error. Many reporters, like everyday citizens, are not bad or deceitful people. But they have been led to believe a series of deliberate lies as many others have in America. Spread the word on the Tenth Amendment and the rights of State and local governments to govern themselves as the Constitution provides for. This can be done in a couple of ways:

Opinion columns: Write your local newspapers, which are found at grocery stores, convenience stores, everywhere. This is a great way to reach out to people. Do a piece on your views regarding this topic and submit it for publication.
Social networking: Many news outlets, newspaper or television, have spread to the social networking community. Facebook is the most popular one and this provides an excellent location for civil debate with citizens from all around your area. Comment on relevant articles and make your case known.

Take it to the streets:  Set out and hand out pamphlets. Make your own or print off ones provided by the Tenth Amendment Center, located here: http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/promote/brochures. Many people are concerned about the economy, specifically how it will affect them and their family’s future. Show them that there is a way they can get involved.

This of course, is not the end-all guide to involvement, but rather a short brainstorming of ideas. Get creative, and let the ideas soar! I, as State Coordinator and a concerned citizen who seeks to better the world around me, am willing to do all I can to help you out. I am on voice and as are you, we cannot do it alone. But together, we can do so much for our future.

Again, you can contact me at chris.dixon@tenthamendmentcenter.com. From there, we can work with each other and other individuals interested in assisting, towards bettering the society around us and bringing back balance to government. We can’t sit on the sidelines anymore, the time is now to act.

Thank you!

-Chris Dixon
Concerned Citizen, Youth Activist, Writer,
And State Coordinator of the Maine Tenth Amendment Center

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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