In a move that will hopefully be copied nationwide over the next few years, Montana lawmakers are considering forming and training an armed volunteer force of “home guards” certified by the governor and not subject to federal oversight. These home guards would be under the direct authority of the county sherriffs and the governor during any state emergency.

According to the Billings Gazette:

Supporters said the bill is not about arming citizens but to provide additional emergency services as some other states do.

A number of states have a state defense force like a “home guard” for responding to emergencies but few states have an armed force like the bill proposes.

As you might expect, the idea of a sovereign state organizing its citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights has met with considerable shock, outrage and hyperbole from the Left.

Over at ThinkProgress, that bastion of liberal virtue and intellectual honesty, Tanya Somander declares

There’s no questioning what Warburton hopes to create… And, as the state’s Human Right Network notes, there’s no question who will gravitate to these unregulated groups — “anti-government extremists.”

Apparently Somander and ThinkProgress sugar daddy George Soros can conceive of no legitimate reason to create an armed volunteer force independent of federal control.

Such naivete regarding the long history of government overreach trending toward oppression is irresponsible at best.

How long will the fake liberals in America preach about freedom while pretending not to see gross federal violations of our basic constitutional rights and civil liberties?