The Grand Old Party is anything but grand. The freshman republicans that were sent to congress with a mandate to cut, cut, and cut the budget until it bled are being stifled by the Republican Party. Hugh Hewitt would say it is a leadership failure, I say it is a party failure. You see, party politics is about power. The power to control the process and purse of government where the purse is what is used to pay the supporters and voters for votes. Principle be damned.

In some ways the leadership is a problem but all too often party trumps principle. The GOP leadership has failed to deliver in the short term because they are strategizing to win a majority in both houses and the presidency in 2012. That strategy is a party first strategy. I am not sure the GOP will ever be able to act on principle. What is bound to happen is a rejection of the GOP because even though the party leaders think it is all about 2012, the voters that put them there are all about today.

We are at war with an ideology that is bankrupting this nation both financially and morally. The GOP has had two opportunities to slash the budget and they have failed. The debt accrues at a pace ten times the speed and amount the GOP is proposing to cut. The 54 GOP representatives that voted against these meager measures have shown principle but in the end they will be blamed for the mess the longer it takes to make the necessary cuts. There is no time to waste with the amount of waste that needs to be slashed at the federal level.

The total percentage of cuts is about 1% of the federal budget and is only focusing on the discretionary spending. If the GOP can’t even muster the courage to cut programs like NPR and Planned Parenthood and the $100 billion hidden in the bureaucracy of Obamacare, we are in for trouble.

I can’t even explain my anger at the GOP that considers we the people lacking in understanding the art of governing but I beg to differ. We the people understand what the ramifications of over spending have done to this country. We are living it and the folks in the beltway are living in some parallel universe.

They have a very short leash to do the right thing. Principled people will again in 2012 send conservatives to DC but none of this current leadership group will be among them. That I guarantee unless there is an immediate come to Jesus about the needs for deep spending cuts…