by Becky Akers, blog

The TSA’s dimwits deemed a carry-on bag “suspicious … at the Newport News-Williamsburg [VA] International Airport Thursday[, which] led agents to find a ‘gold-colored brick with a stamp indicating a value of $10 million’” when they unconstitutionally searched it. Naturally, the government’s goldbricks then ran their victim’s ID  through a “database. When the name came back with a wanted status, the officers [sic for ‘thugs’] turned him over to the Newport News magistrate’s office.” No doubt grudgingly, these kidnappers released him when “the fugitive charge was dismissed by court order.”

As Our Rulers continue criminalizing the most innocuous behavior, more and more of us may suffer as “fugitives” — or be confused with another serf who does. Understand that when you travel, you risk “detainment” and at least a couple hours in jail even if the sadists eventually clear you. Are the gross discomforts, delays, and humiliations of aviation’s gulag worth this additional danger?

Meanwhile, across the country, the TSA’s goons didn’t approve of one couple’s method of packing their suitcases, so they sicced the police-state’s apparatus on them: “…two pieces of luggage were examined in the security X-ray screening machine. The items inside the luggage, including photography equipment, had been packed in a way that made screeners [sic for ‘morons and busybodies’] suspicious. A man and woman headed to Seattle who were believed to be the owners of the luggage were questioned by authorities. They were released when the Bellingham [WA] Police Department bomb squad determined the bags contained” — surprise! — “nothing threatening.”

This insanity shut down Bellingham International for 2½ hours.

The TSA’s “security” is as fake as the Virginian’s gold brick. Instead, it trains us slaves to fear Our Masters. Don’t fly.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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