So now a handful of Governors– one from my current state of WA, have ‘banded together’ to petition the Federal government.

Their demand?

That the Federal Government initiate a multi-year process of examining new evidence that medical marijuana COULD be useful medically.  The process goes like this:

  1. DEA does it’s own analysis on medical cannabis
  2. The FDA does IT’S own analysis, reviewing it’s previous work
  3. The DHHS does the same thing as the FDA
  4. The FDA & DHHS then submit THEIR findings to the DEA for even further review
  5. The DEA, unelected and EXPENSIVE bureaucrats make their decision

And just where does the bidding of We the People fit in the above process?  It doesn’t.

So there you have it- years down the line and after this sea of government waste and thousands of additional lives crushed by the war on pot, the DEA could quite easily STILL not even reschedule cannabis.  If this idea sounds like the best way forward to any activist, I would question their sanity.

Instead of asking your Governor to go fall at the feet of the chosen ones in DC, why not take a different approach- one that derives it’s power from the absolute lack of constitutional authority for the Federal government to be involved in any sort of drug prohibition without even so much as a Constitutional amendment.

Drug use is a very important aspect of life- families are broken up, peoples lives are both aided as well as endangered by these substances, which is why the founders NEVER would have stood for a system that empowered our central government to regulate drug use.  The Controlled Substances Act is not in accordance with DC’s enumerated powers- and it’s just that simple.

The only constitutional regulations on controlled substances that currently exist in the United States are those created at the state level or below.  We the People of 16 states have already voiced our opinion on the issue of medical cannabis- the DEA/DHHS/FDA is not needed OR wanted in those 16 states and any Governor who fails to assert the will of their respective state ought to be publicly shamed for it.

We don’t need state Governors like Gregoire who get on their knees and beg overlords in DC, we need Governors who are ready to truly honor their oath to the Constitution and tell the Feds, “You are not wanted, you are not needed, this is not a Federal matter and if you try to make it one we’ll take action to stop you.”

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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