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When George W. Bush was still president, I attended anti-war/anti-Bush rallies in protest of him and his polices.  A few years later, I did attend Tea Party rallies in protest of President Obama and much of his agenda.

For my efforts, Neo-Cons accused me of unpatriotic while Progressives have called me a racist.  Over the years, I have been called many things.  (And arguably, some of which may even be true!) However, I can assure you that I’m not an unpatriotic racist.

The problem is that the partisanship has expanded to extremes.  This isn’t just a phenomenon in Washington DC, but in the whole country:  Left vs. Right, Democrats vs. Republicans, Blue State vs. Red State, Tea Party vs. Occupy.

The media and many people have commented about how the right has moved away from the center.  In many ways, I agree with this assessment.  However one problem, those making this observation fail to see that left has moved from the center as well.

If I were to travel in a time machine and bring back a Republican and Democrat from the late 50s or early 60s, they would be very different from their modern counterparts. Both parties have complained about the party in power as the said party has expanded the role of the Federal Government while pushing their agendas.

Again supporters of either party fail to recognized,  they just gave their opponents the tools to expand a agenda that they will surely oppose.  Prior to Obama winning the Democratic Nomination, I had an argument with a Neo-Con.  He was an avid supporter of the Patriot Act.  I expressed my concerns and he reassured me that Bush would never abuse the trust of the American People.

I hit him with the following question:  Can you give me the same assurance when Hillary Clinton becomes President?  Note- This was at a time when Hillary still appeared to be the heir apparent for the Democratic Nomination, and you should have seen the Neo-Con’s eyes when I asked it.

There have been too many times when the party in power has ignored the Constitution while pursuing their agendas.  This is more than just a casual disagreement on the interpretation of the Constitution, but an outright rejection of it.

Recently, I reacted to some of my left leaning friends in a forum that is dominated by those of that point of view.  They were being critical of the Republican complaints of President Obama and his recent recess appointments.

Here are some of things I pointed out:

The issue isn’t about who did the most recess appointments between Bush and Obama.  The question is WHEN!  How can one make the case for a recess appointment when the Senate isn’t in recess?  This is clearly Unconstitutional.

However, there are clearly to those on the left that being Unconstitutional isn’t really that important for them when you consider the actions of the sitting president.

Later, I posed the following questions to them:

Why is the left silent when President Obama extended the Patriot Act (A gift from the Bush Administration) when Obama campaigned against it?  An law that “in theory” the left doesn’t support.

Why is the left silent about the fact that Guantanamo Bay prison is still open when the President promised he would close it down?  (Note-For its role only to be expanded, more on that later.)

Why is the left silent about how President Obama has expanded much of Bush’s wars in the Middle East?  Drone Attacks in Pakistan?  Drone Attacks in Yemen?  Drone Attacks in Libya?  (Before bringing up the withdrawal in Iraq, how many private contractors are still going to remain there on the government’s payroll??)

Why is the left silent about President Obama’s continue use of Bush type signing statements when he signs bills into law?  Something that Obama was critical about Bush during the 2008 election?

Why is the left silent about the NDAA that BOTH parties totally supported as the President signed into law?  (Note-A Democratic Senator stated that is was the White House that insisted on having the most offensive amendments of this law added.) (Note 2- This law could expand the role of Guantanamo Bay which again, something that President Obama campaigned against.)

Why is the left silent as the SOPA law is pushing its way through Congress and all indications are that the President will sign it?

Why is the left silent as the President starts a war with Libya which lead to the death of their leader without even consulting Congress?  Where are those some left leaning individuals that I protested with during the Bush years?  If those individuals are honest, they will have to concede that if Bush tried these things, there would be rioting in the streets!

Why is the left silent that it refuses to run another candidate against the President which according to left ideology who shouldn’t  support these things?

Why is the left silent?  Is it about principle or power?

I finished with the following observation:

The harsh reality is:  It is because it is YOUR GUY in the White House and not one of those who have the infamous (R) beside their name.  When these issues arise, we don’t hear your voices, but the solitary sounds of cricket’s chirping.

I will concede that Republicans are due much criticism.  However, I would strongly suggest those on the left need to look upon their reflection in a window before throwing rocks.

Yes, Bush ignored the Constitution, but so has Obama.  By doing so, he has continued the trend of making our Liberties to disappear.  However, I guess that is okay, since he is YOUR GUY!

Again, is this about principle or power?