As Matthew Silber previously reported, there is mounting resistance to the National Defense Authorization Act in Missouri.  Show-Me-State Sen. Brian Nieves (R) tells the Tenth Amendment Center that SB819, The Missouri Liberty Preservation Act, is awaiting a full debate on the Senate floor.

Your Help is needed RIGHT NOW to get this bill passed. See ACTION ITEMS below.

The bill requires state non-compliance with the federal government:

“The state of Missouri shall not provide material support or participate in any way with the implementation of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012”

“The Missouri Liberty Preservation Act has cleared committee and now it’s just a matter of waiting for it to be scheduled on the debate calendar.  The issue of the NDAA is likely to be debated openly, here in the senate,” reported the State Senator.

Nieves, who said he has not gained majority support in the Senate for his anti-NDAA bill, expressed optimism due to the unlikely relationships beginning to form over the civil liberties implications of sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA.

“One of the Democrats known for filibustering in the Missouri Senate has indicated that they would not move to impede SB 819,” Nieves said, adding he feels that an alliance with some portion of the Democrat Senators is still a very real possibility.

Just across the Capital grounds, another bill is under consideration to reject the notion that the Federal government has the power to kidnap.  On Wednesday, State Representative Paul Curtman (R) introduced his version of the Missouri Liberty Preservation Act in the Missouri House.

“My fellow veterans in particular are very aware of the dangers posed by the NDAA, but this issue is obviously crossing boundaries.  Every one of the dozen or so Democrats I’ve showed this to say they’ll vote for it.  That is a huge change from what I’m used to,” Curtman said.

HB2066 is up for its first hearing in the General Laws Committee and he thinks it may be able to push through the house with support from Democrats and Republicans alike. In fact, he already has a Co-Sponsor from the “other side of the aisle”.

“When Rep. Ellington had finished reading the bill, he didn’t even say anything- he just picked up a pen and signed on as a co-sponsor,” recalled Curtman.


With looming support in the state House, those in Missouri who agree with Ellington and Curtman on the dangers of the NDAA have a critical opportunity to sound the alarm among their friends, family and neighbors.  Particularly for those constituents of Democrat Senators and Representatives, now is the time to raise awareness of the Missouri Liberty Preservation Act and to make it known that in this case, a bill introduced by Republicans may be worth the support of Democrats and Republicans alike.

If you live in Missouri, you can find contact information for your Senator HERE.

CALL them. Best option – respectfully, yet firmly – urge them to pass this bill. Let them know that you want them to stand up for the Constitution of the United States AND the Constitution of Missouri – they took an oath to both.

EMAIL them – even if your call, you can still email too. Or just email. A courteous, strong and firm email – urging them to vote yes on this bill.


Track the progress of all the NDAA nullification campaigns nationwide, click HERE.

For model legislation, the Liberty Preservation Act, which can be introduced in your state, county or town right now, click HERE.

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