Liberty loving Missouri citizens, Senators, and Representatives continue to battle for sound money.  House Bill 1637 (HB1637) states, in part:  “The Missouri Sound Money Act of 2012 is established which changes the laws regarding legal tender as follows: (1) Specifies that gold and silver issued by the federal government is legal tender in Missouri;”

After passing the House, the bill made it onto the Senate calender this week. However, yesterday it was sent back to committee.  Because the bill is not revenue neutral, a “fiscal letter” was requested.  The bill’s handler, Senator Chuck Pergason plans to vote the revised bill out of committee at 8:30 Wednesday morning.

With just over 72 hours left in the 2012 session, we need every person in Missouri who understands what sound money means for the cause of liberty to call Senate leadership and firmly but respectfully request that they move HB1637 to the floor for debate and a final vote before the session ends!


Urgent action is needed.  Please call and email Senate leadership, in particular Senators Tom Dempsey and Robert Mayer

CLICK HERE – to get contact information for your Missouri Senator

We have come far! We cannot stop until this bill is on the Governor’s desk!  This nation needs momentum toward constitutional tender to continue to build, and Missouri seems to be our best opportunity in 2012.


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