Let’s say for the moment that the Senate follows the House’s lead and calls for a full audit of the Federal Reserve. Let’s also dream that President Obama signs it. What are the consequences?

Rumors are, for decades the Federal Reserve has been engaged in the highest form of crony capitalism, big bank favoritism, purchase of politicians, nation building, and the bailout of foreign banks, corporations and governments.  If this is found to be true, it will add to the growing awareness of the Federal Reserve’s other nefarious activities. These include the fact the Fed and its debt-based fiat monetary system is confiscating the wealth of this nation and concentrating it in the hands of a few powerful interests. Not to mention the Fed’s money printing which enables the TSA, NSA, EPA, FDA, NEA, and USDA to unconstitutionally regulate our liberties into oblivion. Indeed, an audit could be the tipping point, generating enough public outcry to finally “end the Fed.”

It begs the question, “What’s next?”

The Federal Reserve Note is the officially recognized currency of the land, having long ago usurped the constitutional dollar as our monetary unit. The Federal Reserve system, like it or not, is responsible for insuring the flow of credit and currency around the nation and the world. Should the decision be made to end the Fed, it would take years to unwind its tentacles from the global economy and to replace Federal Reserve Notes with another currency.

As we call to “repeal and replace” the Federal Reserve System, it might be wise to think ahead and begin building that replacement system now. Unlike Obamacare, there isn’t an existing system which we can fall back on. All fifty states could nullify Obamacare tomorrow and there would be little impact on healthcare. End the Fed tomorrow, and like it or not, the global economy grinds to a halt.

The replacement monetary system that will insure the greatest long term protection of individual liberty is one built on limited regulation and sound money. The former must be dealt with at both the state and national level. The latter must be initiated by the states, and the states must maintain control over it. Centralizing monetary policy has been an abject disaster. The power it wields is too great for any one group of individuals or governmental authorities to handle. Without a broad set of checks and balances, it would fall into abusive hands again.

Seamless integration of a decentralized monetary system built on constitutional tender and controlled by the states is possible. It is what our founders intended. The first step is for states to pass sound money legislation, reinstating gold and silver coin as a tender in payment of debts. We had better begin building the replacement system soon. If you realize it or not, the unstoppable process to end the Fed is already underway as world markets prepare to reject the endless piles of debt-money the Fed is creating. And we are far from ready for it.


The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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