Monday, September 24, 2012 saw an intrepid group of Michiganians attend the General Government Committee of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners in support of Commissioner Jim Runestad’s Liberty Preservation Resolution. The purpose of this resolution is to register opposition to the indefinite detection sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 NDAA and to provide at least some comfort to county residents in the form of recognition by elected officials of the clear and present danger posed by this latest DC-created emergency.

Blake Filippi, Tenth Amendment Center legal analyst and creator of the resolution (which was customized and localized by meeting participants David Lonier and Dennis Marburger), was on the phone from Rhode Island to answer legal and historical questions from the commissioners. Numerous county residents spoke eloquently about the problems faced.

  • Those problems created by the 2012 NDAA
  • the Freedom 7 lawsuit in Federal District Court against the legislation by Chris Hedges and other journalists
  • Judge Forrest’s injunctions – temporary and permanent
  • the immediate knee-jerk appeal by the Administration
  • the right and the duty of counties and states to employ Thomas Jefferson’s “rightful remedy” of Nullification when the Feds act lawlessly and outside the boundaries proscribed by their rule book – The Constitution.

There was also some discussion of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments as well as the Principles of ’98. Kerry Bentivolio, GOP nominee for the Eleventh District Congressional seat delivered an impassioned and principled appeal in favor of the resolution and the protection of the People’s Liberty to the committee. Commissioner Runestad was at his most articulate as he covered all the bases in a very comprehensive, yet concise, manner. Blake Filippi answered all questions in a dignified, knowledgeable and respectful manner.

Despite all this, there was obfuscation and delay employed against the citizen patriots, and the restoration of American Federalism in Oakland County by some recalcitrant opponents. The end result is that there will be some streamlining of the resolution which will be taken up again at a subsequent committee meeting on the morning of October 8, 2012 at the Oakland County Government Center. Time will tell if Oakland County will act quickly enough to be the second such body in Michigan to pass the LPR in the wake of Allegan County’s leadership role (spearheaded by Freedom’s Bulldog, Commissioner Bill Sage) of approving it by an impressive 8 to 3 vote last month.

Tomorrow, Tuesday September 25, 2012, the action shifts to Room 326 of the Anderson House Building in Lansing, Michigan at noon. Led by our new state coordinator, Shane Trejo, Michigan Tenthers will join representatives of other groups, such as People Against NDAA, Campaign for Liberty, Downsize D.C., various Tea Party groups, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, et. al. in providing favorable testimony for Rep Tom McMillin’s HB 5768.

This is a bill mandating non-compliance by the State of Michigan when then Feds attempt to steal our rights, safety and Liberty with Military arrest, indefinite detention and/or military tribunals for Americans accused and detained in America. This is the Rosa Parks method of winning our Liberty (back) – noncompliance as opposed to either violent conflict or abject submission.

So, for every Michigan resident reading this, it’s all hands on deck tomorrow in Lansing. Join you fellow patriots and Liberty lovers and help us enforce the constitution – it won’t enforce itself. Please come dressed for business and, if so motivated, share a brief, cogent (five minutes or less) statement in support of HB5768, state Nullification and the exceptional American idea of Federalism as protector of our natural, God-given rights. Thank you for your support.


Urge your state or local representative to sponsor liberty preservation legislation to block NDAA detention in your state or local community.

For model legislation, click HERE.

To track state and local efforts against NDAA detention, click HERE.

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