Here’s the latest news on our drive to Nullify the 2012 NDAA indefinite detention provisions in Michigan:

1. Led by Ray Kirkus, our intrepid Berrien County brethern visited their county commissioners yesterday. While the reception they received was less than ideal, Bill Sage (Allegan County Commissioner) was given several minutes to make a partial presentation to the board. Naturally, he made the most of the time given to him. Ray is organizing and mobilizing his fellow Berrien County residents to keep up the pressure through emails and phone calls urging their commissioners to fulfill their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution and pass the Liberty Preservation Resolution opposing the 2012 NDAA indefinite detention provisions.

2. Monday, October 8, 2012 @ 9:30AM, our Oakland County group and friends from nearby areas will go to the General Government Committee at the Oakland County Government Center (1200 N. Telegraph Road, Pontiac, Mi). Commissioner Jim Runestad is unavoidably out of town Monday, but Committee Vice Chair Jeff Matis will be the Liberty Preservation Resolution’s champion at the meeting. David Lonier, one of Liberty’s most persistent and consistent advocates, composed a petition for attendees to sign and deliver at the meeting. An updated version of the petition is attached. Bill Sage may make the trip just to lend his tangible support to our local efforts. He is always articulate and passionate, as well as quite knowlegable about the 2012 NDAA. We’ll mostly say brief statements of support for the resolution, though Bill will probably speak more substantively as an out of towner and peer of the commissioners.

3. Blake Filippi of the Tenth Amendment Center just published this outstanding historical and legal analysis  of the 2012 NDAA and the various judicial maneuvers: Judicial Juggling: NDAA vs. Fundamental Rights –. This should be read by everyone involved in this fight. blake makes another irrefutable case for state and local resistance to unlawful power grabs by the General Branch of our (supposed to be) Constitutionally Limited Federal Republic.

4. Residents and patriot activists in additional counties and municipalities of Michigan are preparing to join us. Folks around the nation are hearing the word of our campaign through various media sources and are looking to emulate us. While the media coverage of this has been limited to date, that will change as the “brushfire of Liberty” lights the lamps of more and more communities. Already, folks are taking note and we’re just getting started. The alliance continues to grow, public awareness is in it’s nascent stages and we are all on the ground floor of something very important. This is a long-term project. Don’t be dissuaded – we’re going to win and the government kidnappers are going to lose. Thank you for your support.

Onward and upward…

PS – Nullification!! See you at 9:30AM on Monday, October 8 at the Oakland County Commissioners General Government Committee Meeting. Where would you rather be?

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