After the first debate between the Undynamic Duo, many conservatives are basking on what appears as the total domination of President Obama by Mitt Romney.   Initially, many liberals hanged their head in shame as their messiah was totally humiliated by his opponent.  This isn’t just my opinion, Chris Mathews said the same on MSNBC after the debate.  I seriously thought about buying poor Chris a box of Chamomile Tea and mailing it to him.

However, liberals recovered and started providing liberal biased sources proving that Romney lied on many occasions during the debate.   I have two responses of these statements:

One, again many of their sources (including many fact checking sites) have a liberal bias.  Facts are facts, but often it depends on the CONTEXT of how the facts are being expressed.  Often times, the distinction is subjective to the individual observer.

Two,  liberal claims of Romney is lying.  Of course he is lying!  He’s a politician!

I suspect you thinking, “John, what are you saying?  Your first point, you’re stating that Romney might have not been lying based on the perspective of the observer, and then you come right out and call Romney a liar anyway?”    EXACTLY!

How much Romney may have or may not have lied during the debate is open to question.  However, what is not debatable are the lies of omission that both Romney and Obama are guilty of committing.

Since the first debate focused on mostly domestic policy, I can think at least three issues that were never mentioned during the debate that are pressing problems which many Americans are not aware.  Note, I did state pressing problems, there are probably billions of issues that were never raised, but I will list three that are potentially destructive to our nation.  Issues that do need to raised.

What we are getting now a rather silly debate if Romney is going to murder Big Bird.

(Writer pauses for a moment to ponder.)

Sorry, I got to digress here for a moment about this Big Bird argument.  I heard the following statement on the radio recently, we need to spend 16 trillion dollars to just get back to broke.  I would say that the federal government should cut funding to PBS and NPR.  I acknowledge that the funding to PBS and NPR is rather insignificant compared to the rest of the federal budget.

However, I seriously doubt the Founders would have approved of the federal funding a newspaper or a book publisher in their day.  So therefore, I doubt they would approve subsidizing radio and television stations.

Also if I was a television producer,  and I wanted to produce child programming, is it fair that that my competition is being funded by the government while they are making a fortune from merchandising sales?  Isn’t this also a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment that liberals love to use to justify many of their actions?  (PSSST….  Hey liberals, you can make the same argument against oil subsides that you despise so much!)

Not to mention, a clear violation of the Tenth Amendment. (Hey, we are the Tenth Amendment Center, after all.)

However, I do wonder if Romney would have received more public support if he mentioned Elmo instead of Big Bird.  Just a thought…



As I already stated, there were lies of omissions during first debate.  I’m going to list three.

Fiscal Clift-  There have been some reporting in the media that Congress and the President has to take steps to fix the budget or harsh Draconian measures will kick in December.  It is estimated that on average every household will have to pay $3,500 in increased taxes.  I seriously doubt Obama and most of Congress wouldn’t be reelected if these measures kicked in prior to the election.  Is anyone really surprised that the date of the fiscal cliff is AFTER the election?  Hmmm…
Interest Rate Problem–  With the Federal Reserve artificially keeping the interest rates low, it has caused another problem.  What happens if the Fed is forced to raise interest rates?  Well due to that large size of the national debt, it could force a bankruptcy of the Federal Government since it will not be able to afford to pay the higher interest payments.
NDAA-  Unlike much of the national media, the Tenth Amendment Center has been working hard to keep a spotlight on this issue.  This is a story that is getting no attention from the national media. How the President has even lied about this issue no matter in what context you try to portray it.  When you say publicly you will veto it but sign it into law on New Year’s Eve does seem like an outright lie to me.   Well, perhaps he changed his mind?  Well, he said he wouldn’t enforce it and will let the courts rule on the provisions he didn’t like.  Well, a Federal Judge asked his attorneys if they have enforced it, and they refused to answer.  Also when a Federal Judge rules a permanent injunction against those provisions, the White House attorney repealed to the higher court and it appears this will go to the Supreme Court.   How much more do I need to type to illustrate the man in the White House is a liar?   (It should be noted, Romney supports these provisions!)

Again, these three things were never mentioned during the debate among other issues that are probably more problematic than what was discussed.

It should be noted that Romney actually MENTIONED the Tenth Amendment.  WOW!  However, the Constitution was BARELY mentioned!  A sad example for history…