France Krazalkovich, who is running for a seat on the Upper Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners, introduced a Second Amendment preservation resolution to the board during their February meeting. The resolution was introduced in his capacity as a citizen and resident of the township. Mr. Krazalkovich writes that it was met with mixed response in February and that he will ask for it to be considered again tomorrow evening, March 18, 2013. Of the resolution, he says,

The Resolution would 1) Condemn federal overreach and infringement upon the Right of the Individual to Keep and Bear Arms; 2) Express support for, and urge immediate passage of PA House Bill 357; 3) Reserve the right of the Township to take measures necessary to prevent enforcement of federal acts respecting the Right of the Individual to Keep and Bear Arms; and 4) Direct the Township Manager to immediately transmit copies of the Resolution to a host of public officials including the President of the United States.

To support this resolution, you can contact Elwood Taylor, the President of the Board of Commissioners. The Board’s web site gives Mr. Taylor’s e-mail address as: Urge Mr. Taylor to bring the resolution up for a vote.

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Steve Palmer

The 10th Amendment

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