“No we don’t trust the legislators, No we don’t trust our government in Florida or DC either, to do the right thing,” said Adora Nweze, president of the Florida State Conference of NAACP.  The group started a mobilization process in response to the Supreme Court ruling that found section 4 of the Voting Rights Act to be unconstitutional.  The plan includes educating voters and contacting law makers who will now control what ever new voting rules are created.–WWSB My Suncoast news story


When I heard this story  on the radio my first thought was , “A light went on at the NAACP!”

This statement by Florida NAACP president Adora Nweze could have been made by any Tenther or liberty person discussing the proper role of government and the lost federalism of the ratifiers.

Ms. Nweze went on.

” the Supreme Court ruling is “a step back,..   We will require we roll up our sleeves and get busy making sure that our governor, our state legislators and our congresspersons understand the role each of them has in ensuring that this decision does not throw us back to the 60s.”

No rational person feels anything but repugnance  towards Jim Crow laws. I also doubt that a return to those days has any chance of occurring. Tenthers and liberty people would be among the first to join against such laws and move against the state if even the shadow of Jim Crow hinted of a comeback, state sanctioned or otherwise.

This SCOTUS decision is not in fact a step back, but a step forward in what must be a long term reclamation of federalism–keeping the federal government and its courts restrained to their  enumerated powers; leaving to the states the vast residuary mass of  infinite powers reserved to them.

Yes, Ms. Nweze, you must roll up your sleeves and fight in Florida for those liberties that are your birthright. We all must do the same for the cause of liberty. The fight to return government to the people and expand liberty for all is not one we will ever win by ceding authority to nine life tenured federal employees, hoping that at least five of them will see things our way. The federal government is still much too deeply entrenched in the running of our state’s schools, prisons and courts. It meddles in every facet of our lives and demands a portion of our treasure for their favor.

The chains fashioned by the Bill of  Rights and intended to hobble  the federal government have been cast off, redefined by that government and its nationalized definition enforced against the states. This feat of legal prestidigitation has turned federalism upside down, a course of events that must be reversed. A republic of free people cannot be subjected to a government by judiciary where federal judges disregard the constitutions and legally enacted statutes of sovereign states.

The elbow grease Mrs. Nweze calls for from her members should be a call to action for  all of us. We must not fear the State of Florida, or any other state,  exercising  the reserved powers intended by the framers and ratifiers of the federal Constitution. What we should fear is our present unwillingness to do what it really takes  to insure that the states return to being the servant of the people. Their current role as master by proxy for the general government is at odds with not just our founding, it is an insult to our dignity as children of God and an allegedly free people.

It is said that a Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin upon conclusion of the Philadelphia convention, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.

For all intents and purposes,right now it appears we have lost it. We return it by rolling up our sleeves and making sure that we all do our part to put the states and their creation, the general government, back in their rightful places. When we return to that rightful balance of dual sovereignties with a limited central government, peace and prosperity will expand and all will prosper.

As for Jim Crow, liberty for all through a restored federalism will take him from a leering memory feared capable of returning, to a pigeon roost on the ash heap of history.

andrew nappi

The 10th Amendment

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