Of the many schemes the federal government has instituted, the Transportation Security Administration is probably one of the most worthless.

The TSA has even failed at their own mission statement,

Protect the Nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

The TSA let 25 illegal aliens take flight training classes, mandate people to go through full body screening machines that don’t detect metal, and fail their own security tests, allowing drugs and explosives through checkpoints.

The TSA has caught 0 terrorists, but they have locked down an airport over a 4-year-old agents decided might be a terrorist, publicly stripped cancer patients, and molested multiple people who opt of being irradiated.

If they are soooooo worthless, we must be able to scientifically measure how ineffective the TSA is, right? I mean, the government collects all this data on us from our metadata, our emails, or contact lists, and every webpage we ever visited. They must collect data on their own practices?

Not really. But what little information we do have does not impress.

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the $900 Million SPOT program, or Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques, apparently doesn’t do anything to spot terror suspects.

Available evidence does not support whether behavioral indicators, which are used in the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT) program, can be used to identify persons who may pose a risk to aviation security.

This reminds me of this one time, the federal government spent about $20 million over a decade on a remote viewing project to counter the Soviets during the cold war. What is remote viewing? It’s a pseudo-science where self proclaimed “psychics” could detect military targets and future events with their mind. It was a program that resulted in: count them, ZERO, useful pieces of intelligence.

And, just like the remote viewing quackery, the TSA’s SPOT program has unreliable data, a variety of limitations that inhibit the TSA from even evaluating their own practices, and has not means to quantify results. That is a very subjective program being tested on we the people. Twenty-one out 25 TSA agents interviewed confirmed that it was a subjective program.

Notice a trend? The government sucks at pre-crime detecting. Simply because one: it does not exist; and two: there is no real means to validate it. Now, think about this: it was a bit easier to get people on board to shut down the remote viewing project internally than it will be the TSA. The TSA has not only entrenched itself at America’s airports, but has expanded its scope to include train stations, bus stations, subways, interstates and even sports stadiums. Make you wonder how long it will be before uniformed TSA agents start doing random screenings along America’s sidewalks.

Action Items

It’s high time the states intervene on our behalf. We are mere guinea pigs to the federal government. They use unscientific practices and instruments on us in the name of national security and safety. We are illegally searched and molested by our government.

There are multiple things you can do in your state.  Several states have considered legislation to rein in the TSA. Texas very nearly passed a bill until the Senate caved when the feds threatened to turn the Lone Star State into a “no-fly-zone.”

We all know the TSA is useless and just a tool to control us. We need to insist that our state legislatures step in and nullify the TSA. We have a powerful tool. State governments don’t have to help the feds implement their programs. The states could easily pull local law enforcement from TSA checkpoints. That would leave the TSA in quite a pickle, since its agents have no arrest powers.

First things first, start with a resolution. This is a non-binding agreement, but it gets the ball rolling. Spark the conversations to stop the government from terrorizing us.

Then move forward with these three steps to nullify the TSA in your state.

1. Noncompliance – Refuse to fly if possibly can. Make the airlines feel the pain and perhaps they will put pressure on D.C.

2. Ban TSA patdowns without probable cause

3. Ban whole body scanners

Click HERE for model legislation that will deal with TSA at the state level.

Kelli Sladick