A bill that would nullify Agenda 21 in Kentucky passed through the Senate by a wide margin last week.

SB31 would prohibit any state agency or political subdivision from adopting or implementing “the creed, doctrine, principles, or any tenet of the United Nations Agenda 21 or any other international law that contravenes the United States Constitution or the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.” It would also prohibit the state from expending any public funds on Agenda 21 implementation. The bill language states that the UN plan “attempts to usurp the rights of property owners via use of eminent domain.”

SB31 passed the Senate on Feb. 11 by a 32-5 margin and will now move to the House for consideration.

“The people of Kentucky don’t want international groups dictating to us what environmental policy should be,” bill sponsor Sen. John Schikel told WUKY radio.

The United Nations passed Agenda 21 in 1992 at its Conference on Environmental and Development. The global initiative encompasses a wide range of programs meant to promote “sustainability.” It works its way into the U.S. system through a back door strategy, targeting local governments. Objections to Agenda 21 include violations  of personal property rights, the erosion of state and local authority, and  binding of the United States to international agreements contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

SB31 was referred to the House State Government Committee.


If you live in Kentucky, contact your representative and ask him or her to support SB31. You can find House contact information HERE.

Also contact House State Government Committee members and ask them to pass SB31 out of committee so the full House can consider the legislation. You can find committee members HERE.


Mike Maharrey

The 10th Amendment

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