A bill introduced in the New Mexico State Senate would ban the state from continuing its participation in the Common Core educational standards and penalize districts that continue them.

Introduced by State Sen. Linda M. Lopez Senate Bill 196 (SB196), would discontinue the implementation Common Core standards while providing requirements for the adoption or revision of curricular standards.

The bill would also require the state withdraw any partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers.

The bill also contains an important provision on allowing public feedback on Common Core by requiring at least four public hearings in each congressional district by November 1, 2015

 At the public hearings, the department shall explain the state’s decision to change from New Mexico academic content and performance standards and the New Mexico standards-based assessments. Public testimony shall be taken on the implementation of the common core standards and the process by which the department entered into agreements that changed New Mexico academic content and performance standards. The hearings shall feature a nonbinding vote of the audience to help demonstrate public sentiment on the topic. Hearings shall be publicized through notices to staff and parents in the school districts in the congressional district in which the hearing is being held and through public service announcements and community organizations. Hearings shall be recorded and available to the public for listening or viewing, as applicable. Continuing reports of the hearings shall be presented to the legislative education study committee at its regularly scheduled meetings.

While the bill would cease the implementation of Common Core standards, it also stipulates the legislative education study committee conduct a fiscal analysis of the implementation of common core standards in the state. Additionally, the state department of education would compare state standards with other standards of student achievement, including common core. and report back to the legislature onits findings and selections.

The first step for SB196 will be a committee assignment for the bill.  The committee will first need to pass the bill before the full house can vote on it.


In New Mexico: Support this legislation by following all the steps at THIS LINK.

For Other States: Take action to stop Common Core in your state, start at this link.

TJ Martinell

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