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With progressivism and revisionism undermining America’s federal system of government, and with bureaucratic fiats taking the place of the rule of law, Americans need to better understand their Constitution, and ensure their children and grandchildren learn America’s founding principles. A brand new book, The Handbook for We the People provides a valuable tool that will help do just that.

Ironically, public servants swear an oath to obey the Constitution, yet few even come close to upholding it. This well documented, enlightening book serves as a wake-up call. It lays out a slam-dunk case showing government officials do not operate within their limited constitutional jurisdiction through the words of the founding generation.

The fact is many if not most of the problems the U.S. faces today – economically, socially and culturally – are directly attributable to public ignorance of the Constitution Our public servants take advantage of this ignorance, exploiting it to usurp and interpret its powers in ways that destroys liberty.

The Handbook for We the People provides an opportunity to gain a working knowledge of the Constitution with text based on original source material. Eight chapters cover topics from constitutional history, enumerated powers, and overview of amendments. Each chapter includes questions and research assignments providing teachers and parents a framework on which to structure a complete unit of constitutional study. A glossary is included as a helpful reference.

Along the way, the book also examines several important issues through a constitutional lens, including the relationship between church and state, same-sex marriage and Article V conventions.

The Handbook for We the People goes beyond teaching constitutional principles and pointing out how the federal government has usurped its power. It also provides a solution, with an entire chapter devoted to nullification.

With direct instruction, The Handbook for We the People could be used for eighth grade American History and is well-suited for high school study, but is also useful for adult instruction and as a reference for all. Private schools and home schools should regard this handbook as an excellent study guide.

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