JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Dec. 13, 2016) – A bill prefiled in the Missouri House for the 2017 legislative session would open the door to price competition and increased healthcare choices in the state, setting the stage to nullify ObamaCare and other federal healthcare programs in practice.

Rep. Keith Frederick (R-Rolla) prefiled House Bill 123 (HB123) on Dec. 2. Titled the “Missouri Right to Shop Act,” the legislation would create a system allowing patients to find the lowest price for non-emergency medical procedures and require insurance companies to reward consumers who comparison shop with part of the savings. The legislation would also allow patients to shop for better value in or out of network. Insurers would have to share any savings regardless of network, and count costs against out-of-pocket limits.

A Forbes article explained how Right to Shop works.

Right To Shop empowers patients with the knowledge they need to make smart choices about how and where they consume health care. They’re given tools to find the best value providers and, when they choose those options, they get a share of the savings – in cash.

Basically, patients would be able to go online or make a phone call to compare prices for their procedure. They would then choose the best location and best value. After having the procedure, they would receive a portion of the savings.

HB123 was based on model legislation created by the Foundation for Governmental Transparency.

Health care prices vary by hundreds or thousands of dollars just a few miles away. Increasing deductibles, co-pays, and narrower insurance plan networks are squeezing Americans. Medical bills are often confusing, and the lack of transparency in the current system often leads to unpredictable and devastating costs- and families are struggling to pay for necessary care.

FGA’s Right to Shop initiative offers consumers a chance to finally take control of their health care costs by rewarding consumers who shop for savings, and introducing market forces to lower costs and increase options.

Through a similarly structured program for state employees in New Hampshire, patients pocketed over $1 million in total incentives, and the system netted $12 million in total savings.

This represents the kind of cost control Obamacare promised, but failed to deliver.


Waiting for Congress or a new president to “fix” Obamacare is an exercise in futility.  (Read HERE, HERE and HERE for more.) State, local and individual action remains the last hope of ridding ourselves of this unconstitutional, economically disastrous federal healthcare program.

Oftentimes, supporters of Obamacare criticize opponents for not having any alternative. Right to shop offers one. By creating price transparency and introducing market competition, passage of HB123 would help drive down healthcare costs and increase patient choice. Market forces would set prices for services based on demand instead of relying on central planners with a political agenda. The end-result will be better care delivered at a lower cost.

A more open healthcare marketplace within a state will help spur de facto nullification the federal program by providing an affordable alternative. As patients utilize these arrangements and others spurred by ingenuity and market forces, it will increase pressure to eliminate federal control.

Passage of HB123 would represent a first step toward a better healthcare system in Missouri, and would create a stepping stone to further action to nullify the onerous Affordable Care act. Once in place, Missourians can take further steps to fully extricate themselves from Obamacare for good.


Mike Maharrey