The TSA has partnered with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to search passengers using portable full-body scanners.

It has been a year since I warned commuters that the TSA wanted to install full-body biometric scanners at train stations.

And just like last year, the MSM interviewed one person that is fine with losing their rights. Last year, I warned commuters that full-body scanners come equipped with watchlist software.

“Stay on constant lookout for known wolves and other watchlist individuals using proven facial recognition and human IQ. Integrated video camera provides positive ID for alarm resolution. Send notifications and alerts to mobile team or operations center.”

Why has the MSM refused to talk about watchlisting commuters?

If the TSA has its way, commuters across the country will be body scanned and watchlisted.

Yesterday, the Los Angles Times revealed that the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police will begin using Thruvision’s full-body scanners.

“Later this year, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will deploy several portable scanners that can be moved to any of the system’s 93 subway and light-rail stations.”

What does this mean for commuters?

It means that public transit is being run by the TSA.

According to an L.A. Metro announcement, Transit Police are proud to be working with the TSA.

The TSA Police – sorry I meant the L.A. Metro Transit Police – will conduct physical searches on suspect commuters and use bomb-sniffing dogs. Commuters are allowed to opt out but if they do, they won’t be allowed to use public transit.

Commuters across the country should expect to see more TSA Transit Police using biometric scanners.

“TSA has partnered with transit agencies all over the country to test these scanners — among them: Amtrak, San Francisco’s BART, New Jersey Transit, and the Washington, D.C., Metro.”

Soon every train station and sporting event will resemble airport-style security, complete with TSA Police, body scanners, drug-sniffing dogs and pat downs.

TSA Justifies Treating Innocent Americans Like Criminals

What is the TSA’s justification for scanning commuters?

“We’re dealing with persistent threats to our transportation systems in our country,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske. “Our job is to ensure security in the transportation systems so that a terrorist incident does not happen on our watch.”

Yesterday Pekoske said, that tracking innocent Americans who are not suspected of committing any crimes “makes an awful lot of sense.”

“In my view, in looking at this ‘Quiet Skies’ program, I think it makes an awful lot of sense, to be able to look at some risks that we think exist on certain flights and put air marshals on those flights,” Pekoske said.

Full-body scanners at train stations and ‘Quiet Skies‘ spying on innocent Americans? Is this an Orwellian nightmare?

“The ‘Quiet Skies’ program is the very definition of ‘Big Brother,’ and innocent Americans should not be subject to this kind of violation of their rights,” Sen. Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts said, in a letter to TSA about the program.

How long will it be before TSA Transit Police demand commuters carry their national ID card (Real-ID) with them?

How long will it be before police are given portable body scanners to randomly search people on our streets?

We have to stop the TSA now, before it installs body scanners at train stations across the country.

This article was originally published at MassPrivatel.


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