I recently appeared on the Culinary Libertarian podcast to talk about “part-time libertarians.”

So, what do we mean by part-time libertarians? Basically. we’re talking about people who have some libertarian impulses, but who probably wouldn’t label themselves as libertarians. For instance, a lot of people want to get the government out of the food regulation business. They may be “big-government” on a lot of other issues, but when it comes to food, they want “food sovereignty.”

You’ll find people with libertarian impulses on all kinds of issues, from the drug war, to surveillance, to gun control. This opens the door to building single-issue coalitions with people we might not normally consider allies.

During this interview, Dan Reid and I talk about the value in reaching out to these people, the power of single-issue coalitions to limit government power and how it can eventually bring people over to “our side.”


Mike Maharrey