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West Virginia state Rep. Pat McGeehan is leading the charge to get the “Defend the Guard Act” introduced in as many states as possible during the 2020 legislative session. The legislation would ban the deployment of Guard troops without a declaration of war as required by the Constitution and would take a step toward restoring the founders’ framework for a state-federal balance regarding the militia.

Legislators in Oklahoma and South Carolina have already prefiled Defend the Guard bills for the upcoming legislative session and representatives in several other states have committed to do so. McGeehan hopes to see the bill introduced in at least 20 states next year.

“With that kind of momentum, even if none of the state pass this law, it’s showing the country, the citizens, the people that are actually being represented by the knuckleheads in Washington D.C. are tired of this war and we’re asking them to do something about it. Reclaim your dang authority. Do your job before you send our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our husbands, fathers and mothers, to go fight in a war that has no national interest – no national security threat.”

In an effort to grow the movement, McGeehan drafted a letter to legislators across the United States urging them to introduce Defend the Guard Acts in their states. McGeehan described this as an effort that crosses political boundaries.

“This effort is bipartisan and has no agenda – other than averting perpetually expensive foreign conflicts that needlessly maim, bleed, and slaughter our nation’s sons and daughters. In the long term, it is my hope that a widespread recognition of first principle can also help return some semblance of rule of law to our country, while reestablishing for future generations a strong check against centralized power in Washington.”

You can help in this effort by downloading McGeehan’s letter and sending it to your state senator and representative with a personal note urging them to consider introducing the Defend the Guard Act.

Defend the Guard Act: Lette… by Tenth Amendment Center on Scribd

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