I’m told this is the most important election in my lifetime. I don’t know how important this one is, but I do know this: it has already produced plenty of amusement. Oh, and I also know the ultimate outcome.

We all know politicians waste money, right? You’ve seen the stories about $640 toilet seats and bridges to nowhere. That kind of stuff enrages me. But it was kind of fun watching a politician waste his own money.

I’m talking about Michael Bloomberg, of course.

That dude blew through about $500 million in his short, ill-fated presidential run.

Bloomberg bought a lot of ads. I’m sure you saw them. Over and over and over again. Bloomberg was everywhere – from prime-time sitcoms to NASCAR races. Apparently, all those slick ads didn’t have much of an impact. Five hundred million in advertising just doesn’t go as far as it used to. For all that money, Bloomberg won one primary – American Samoa.

Bloomberg managed to garner 175 of the 351 votes cast in American Samoa. By the way, congrats on that Michael! That means he spent a little over $2.86 million per vote received in American Samoa. That’s definitely not a very good ROI.

Anyway, the sweeping victory in American Samoa wasn’t quite enough to keep the Bloomberg train on the rails. He dropped out and endorsed creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

In fact, pretty much everybody is out but ol’ Joe and ol’ Bernie. I wonder which old white guy the party of diversity will select to run against Trump?

And will Trump be able to take down the Democratic Party challenger?

Well, here’s my prediction.

It won’t matter.

At least not if you care about the Constitution, limited federal power and liberty.

No matter who wins the 2020 election, by November 2024, the federal government will be more powerful, more overreaching, deeper in debt and there will be more violations of the Constitution.

That’s my prediction. Mark it down.

The problem isn’t who is running the system. The problem is the system itself. You won’t fix Washington D.C. by electing a president any more than you can fix a broken-down car by changing out the driver.

If you want to learn more about just how far the federal government has gone off its constitutional rails, check out Constitution – Owners Manual: The Real Constitution the Politicians Don’t Want You to Know About. You can find more information and links for ordering at ConstitutionOwnersManual.com.

Mike Maharrey

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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