Did the Senators’ Letter to Iran Concede Too Much?

At Opinio Juris, Julian Ku thinks maybe it did.  I agree. As background, 47 U.S. Senators took the unusual step of sending a letter to Iran explaining how the U.S. Constitution works with regard to international agreements.  Again via Professor Ku, here is the core of the letter: [U]nder our Constitution, while the president negotiates…


Obama’s ISIS AUMF: Codifying “Mission Creep”

by Gene Healy, CATO Institute Today, six months after President Obama unilaterally launched our latest war in Iraq, five months after he expanded the war to Syria, four months after his administration thought up a name for the war, and three months after he promised to go to Congress for authorization, the president sent congressional…


Boehner’s Plan for Netanyahu to Address Congress is Unconstitutional

As has been widely reported, House Speaker John Boehner has invited Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the U.S. Congress.  If Congress does host the speech, would it be unconstitutional?  Peter Spiro at Opinio Juris suggests that it would.  I agree.


TWENTY-FIVE: More proof that you should never waste your time on federal efforts:


That’s the # of Republican votes for someone other than John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

It’s also the most opposition votes in 100 years.

That means, for 100 years, the establishment always wins.

If 100 years of same-ole-same-ole doesn’t convince people to stop wasting time on Washington D.C. – we don’t know if anything will.

Resist DC. Nullify it.


Our thoughts on Barack Obama’s Ferguson “plan”: (more federal funding, more federal involvement in local police, another federal task force)

The feds know how to do one thing – and they do it well. They break your leg, then come in with a so-called solution to fix it.


The Root Cause of Ferguson: The War on Drugs, Foreign Policy, and the Federal Reserve

A brief thought on Ferguson: Walgreens didn’t cause the police state to come to cities around the country. And the stores holding “black Friday” sales didn’t either. We find it odd that protesters are calling for corporate boycotts, telling people to not shop on Black Friday. While many corporations may be deserving of boycotts –…


Many people are highly concerned about the danger and threat from ISIS. One person even referred to them as “crazies” this week.

It’s our view, however, that the most dangerous “crazies” are actually wearing suits in Washington D.C. They’ll be far more likely to harm you and your family than the crazies on the other side of the world.

In general, that was what the founders were most worried about too.