Imperial Presidential Action

Throughout American history, presidents have abused and used a power not delegated to them to create and pass “laws” through executive orders. Historically speaking, executive orders were meant only tell departments, under the president, how to execute or enforce laws. Now executive orders are used as a way to bypass Congress.


The Meaning of “Natural Born”: What if Blackstone Was Wrong?

In thinking about the phrase “natural born Citizen” in the Constitution’s eligibility clause, I have assumed (1) that it follows from the English law phrase “natural born subject” and (2) that “natural born subject” at minimum meant anyone born within sovereign territory (apart from children of invaders and diplomats).  The latter point seems clear from Blackstone, who says as much, quite clearly. 


More Universities Help NSA Spying: Time to Stop it

Did you know the NSA enters into partnerships with colleges and universities?

Schools that partner with the NSA earn the Orwellian sounding designation of “Centers for Academic Excellence.” Depending on the nature of the partnership, these universities serve as either training and recruiting ground for future spies. Or they take on NSA funded research projects to further the agency’s mission – spying on the world. Or both.