A Step for Liberty

New Jersey State Senator Michael Doherty is drafting legislation to “rein in TSA Abuses” – the following is from the official press release (h/t Tom Woods): Senator Michael Doherty, a member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement regarding legislation he is drafting to curb the abuses of civil liberties by…


“Whatever it takes”…

I have been watching the news and cringe at the interviews where a reporter is standing in a terminal interviewing a traveler regarding security procedures. These words have become all too common and frankly scare me, “whatever it takes” to keep us safe. OK, let’s explore that sentiment.

The government creates a new security force that is assigned to do “whatever it takes” to keep us safe. A knock comes on your door and it is one of these agents that want to search your home just to make sure you are not a terrorist. You have nothing to hide so you let them in because they are doing “whatever it takes” to keep you safe.


National Academic Standards Did Not Start with Obama’s Race To The Top

America 2000 was the name for the great leap forward in education under the first President Bush.  Over time it has evolved into Goals 2000 by Clinton, No Child Left Behind under the second Bush and now we have Race to the Top under Obama.  Not one president or seated congress in session has dared to  dismantle the general government’s Department of Education and the hundreds of billions flushed down its endless slop chute.

Reestablishing our original federalism will take many different steps over time. One important step will be the return of education to the states without any general government interference. That inteference usually comes in the form of money which in turn requires the relinqueshing of sovereignty.