Arizona SB1178 Moves Forward: Felony Charges for Federal Agents

Late last week, the Arizona Senate passed Senate Bill 1178 (SB1178), the Intrastate Commerce Act. The bill provides that all services performed in the state, and all goods grown or made here for consumption within Arizona “are not subject to the authority of Congress under its constitutional power to regulate commerce among the several states.”

The vote was 21-8-1

State Senator Sylvia Allen said that includes everything from wheat and lettuce to toilets, light bulbs and guns, even if manufactured, sold and used entirely within Arizona.

For decades, using a tortured definition of “interstate commerce,” Congress has claimed the authority to regulate, control, ban, or mandate virtually everything – from wheat grown on one’s own land for personal consumption, to weed grown in an individual’s own home for the same purpose, to guns manufactured, sold and kept in state boundaries, and everything in between. And, unfortunately, the Supreme Court has largely condoned and even encouraged such reprehensible legislative behavior.

But today, Arizona is once again leading the way in saying “Back Off” to the feds – by standing up for the Constitution as the founders gave it to us.


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