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NJTAC is working with NJ Liberty, Tea Party, and 9-12 groups, etc…, in an effort to educate people about nullification.  This statewide project is in development now.  We also need to ensure a victory for our “Constitutional” candidates in the NJ legislature elections this year!   8 districts have been identified as ‘target’ districts.   This work starts now if we want to…


Arizona SB1178 Moves Forward: Felony Charges for Federal Agents

Late last week, the Arizona Senate passed Senate Bill 1178 (SB1178), the Intrastate Commerce Act. The bill provides that all services performed in the state, and all goods grown or made here for consumption within Arizona “are not subject to the authority of Congress under its constitutional power to regulate commerce among the several states.”

The vote was 21-8-1

State Senator Sylvia Allen said that includes everything from wheat and lettuce to toilets, light bulbs and guns, even if manufactured, sold and used entirely within Arizona.

For decades, using a tortured definition of “interstate commerce,” Congress has claimed the authority to regulate, control, ban, or mandate virtually everything – from wheat grown on one’s own land for personal consumption, to weed grown in an individual’s own home for the same purpose, to guns manufactured, sold and kept in state boundaries, and everything in between. And, unfortunately, the Supreme Court has largely condoned and even encouraged such reprehensible legislative behavior.

But today, Arizona is once again leading the way in saying “Back Off” to the feds – by standing up for the Constitution as the founders gave it to us.


Real ID: Dead in the States, Congress follows suit

Here’s news of yet another nail in the coffin of Real ID. Still on the books in Congress, never overturned in federal court, but null and void in virtually the entire country (Florida, why don’t you join the rest!) From Cato-at-Liberty, it appears that Congress might actually defund the whole mess and make it pretty…


Alaska: Another kind of Nullification

While 11 state consider versions of the Health Care Nullification Act (recently passed in the Idaho House and the North Dakota Senate) and other states are looking at rejecting health care mandates alone, Alaska might bypass the entire legislative process – and still nullify the law.

Citing Judge Roger Vinson’s decision voiding the whole of last year’s health care overhaul after finding the law’s health insurance mandate unconstitutional, Alaska’s Republican Governor Sean Parnell has said that the state will not pursue the development of health insurance exchanges. From Bloomberg:

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, saying he’s bound by law, won’t apply for federal grants needed to implement President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul after a federal judge in Florida ruled it unconstitutional.

The Republican’s decision means the state will skip today’s deadline to apply for a grant that federal officials say is needed to develop exchanges where residents would be able to buy medical insurance under the new health-care law.


Montana House votes to nullify Endangered Species Act

from the Associated Press: The Montana House has overwhelmingly endorsed a plan to disregard the federal law protecting endangered and threatened species. Republicans enthused by Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s recent tough talk on wolves led a 61-39 vote Saturday to nullify the federal Endangered Species Act in Montana. Schweitzer recently encouraged ranchers to shoot protected wolves…


Virginia Blogger Calls Tenthers “Intellectual Boobs”

Dan Casey of the Roanoke Times recently embarrassed himself with a juvenile, ad hominem attack on the Tenth Amendment movement titled “The Whole Tenth Amendment Business is Dumb and Crazy.”

While it’s unclear whether Casey actually expected his “arguments” to be taken seriously, it is clear that he cannot make his point through the use of logic or fact. Therefore, Casey’s piece is chock full of historical inaccuracies, mis-characterizations and outright falsehoods regarding the original intent and meaning of the Constitution.

So many, actually, that I cannot list them all here. However, I did respond point by point in a piece of my own to be published soon.

Here is a sample:


BREAKING NEWS – North Dakota Senate passes health care nullification bill

BISMARCK, N.D. – In a surprising turnaround, the North Dakota Senate passed a health care nullification bill on Friday.

Nullification appeared dead after the Human Services Committee voted 3-1 to oppose SB2309. But Sen. Dick Dever (R-Bismarck) overcame the committee recommendation with a passionate speech on the Senate floor.

“He spoke beautifully without notes except for quoting the Tenth Amendment,” Sen. Margaret Sitte (R-Bismarck), a bill co-sponsor said.

The revised version of SB2309 passed 27-19.


Pair of Ky. bills challenging federal coal regulations clear committee

Two bills written to shield the Kentucky coal industry from overreaching federal regulation passed out of committee Thursday, one in the House, the other in the Senate.

A bill that would exempt Kentucky coal mines and coal alteration facilities that mine or alter coal in Kentucky for exclusive use within the Commonwealth from requirements of the Clean Water Act unanimously passed out of a House committee.

HB421 declares that Congress has no authority to regulate intrastate commerce.

Section 1 of the Constitution of Kentucky recognizes that citizens of the Commonwealth have certain inherent, inalienable rights, including the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberty and the right of pursuing their safety and happiness, which may not be infringed by Acts of Congress that lack constitutional authority.