Divided We Fail

If you are a supporter of liberty, anti-war and anti-state, you may have noticed the growing divide among supporters of former NM Governor Gary Johnson and TX Rep Ron Paul. Both men, Johnson who has announced he is running and Paul who has formed an exploratory committee, want to be the next President of the United States and will run on the platform of shrinking the federal government, increasing personal liberty and ending our foreign policy of international intervention along with getting our military out of the unconstitutional wars we are now involved in.

Sounds great, two candidates who’s views are different from what will be the usual slate of big government, anti-liberty, neo-cons running for the highest office in the land. But herein lies the problem; instead of rallying around both men, there is a rift developing among their supporters.

Those who see Dr Paul as the one true libertarian who can turn our republic around question Gov Johnson’s libertarian credentials, often calling him a “beltway libertarian”, saying that he does not propose cutting Leviathan enough and that his record as a two-term Governor of NM proves this. I’ve even seen where it has been thrown out there that Johnson is indirectly being supported by the Koch Brothers.


TN Legislative Update – Week of May 1

Real ID Nullification

The Real ID Nullification Bill (HB1874/SB1638) was delayed a week in going before the full House Transportation Committee.  It has been rescheduled for Tuesday, May 3.  This bill is critical to defend Tennesseans against the unconstitutional federal Real ID program, as well as the move toward a global ID card (to find out more about the alarming realities of Real ID click here).  Please continue to contact members of the Transportation Committee and encourage them to support this important bill.