It’s official.  The Southern Poverty Law Center thinks I’m a racist.

And I must be.  Why else would I have been quoted in a recent article posted on their blog “Hatewatch?”  A quick glance at their recent posts column would lead one to believe that I have been associating with a sordid cast of characters: Muslim-bashers, Neo-Nazis, and “Birthers.”

So what did I do that got the SPLC’s attention?  I used the “N” word.

I know, I know.  What was I thinking?  It’s not a politically correct thing to say in 2011.  And the SPLC might have let me off the hook if all I did was say the “N” word.

But the thing is, I didn’t just say the “N” word.  I went all out.  I rented an auditorium and hosted an entire conference dedicated to celebrating the “N” word.

Naturally, I was promoting the heck out of this conference in the weeks leading up to it.  Guys like me want to infect as many people as I can with these dangerous ideas.  So, I was blogging the “N” word all over my website, posting the “N” word all over Facebook, and even inviting guests on my radio show to talk about it.  I even wore a black shirt with the “N” word printed right across the front of it.

It probably didn’t help that I invited a “former member of the Neo-Confederate hate group League of the South” to be the keynote speaker.  But I practically had to invite him.  I mean, Thomas E. Woods literally wrote the book on the “N” word.  The conference wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Wait a minute…what?  You thought I said that “N” word?  No way!  I would never use that “N” word.

No, I am talking about the other racist “N” word.

You know…“Nullification.

Jason Rink
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