Nullification on the Left Coast, and Everywhere

If anything can get the humane left and thoughtful right on the same page, it’s opposition to the central state in Washington, the wars, the lies, the nationalist police forces, the corporatist welfare schemes, and everything else. In particular, the idea that the federal government is not supreme, that the several states have some say in setting policy, should be a common denominator in any political movement for fiscal sanity, civil liberties, and peace. Tom Woods’s Nullification: How to Resist Tyranny in the 21st Century is the decentralist movement’s manifesto, showing that the anti-federalists of today are anything but Republican shills.

Yet we who oppose Washington are libeled by the Rachel Maddows of the world as “Tenthers”—an implicit admission that to care about the most hardcore parts of the Bill or Rights is too kooky for the mainstream left. But the urge to strip the feds of their exclusive power is not only a conservative inclination. It was California, I’m a little proud to say, that has most embarrassed the national government on the tyrannical war on drugs, forcing the liberal fascists in DC to tone down their totalitarian medical marijuana raids in my state, which did this simply by ignoring federal law.


An opportunity to learn about Nullification

The “peace president” bombs. The TSA gropes and scans. Feds prohibit hemp farming. And federal agents snoop in the name of patriotism, leaving citizens feeling helpless and bullied. How can Americans stop an overreaching federal government that puts lobbyists and special interests ahead of the people? Thomas Jefferson and James Madison gave us the answer.…