The “peace president” bombs. The TSA gropes and scans. Feds prohibit hemp farming. And federal agents snoop in the name of patriotism, leaving citizens feeling helpless and bullied.

How can Americans stop an overreaching federal government that puts lobbyists and special interests ahead of the people?

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison gave us the answer. Nullification.

Jefferson called it the rightful remedy. Madison said states are duty-bound to interpose. But what exactly is nullification? What are its origins and history? Can states really declare a law unconstitutional – null and void?

On Saturday, May 28, Southern Californians will have the opportunity to learn the truth about nullification when the Nullify Now! tour makes a stop in Los Angeles, and the Tenth Amendment Center cordially invites you to attend this informative and entertaining event as its guest.

The event will set up in the penthouse of the AT&T tower in Downtown L.A. Featuring a sweeping views of the entire city, the north room will focus on speakers, education and activism, while the south room will house a full bar, ten musical acts and local artists displaying their work.

Speakers include Harvard and Columbia University educated historian Thomas Woods Jr., along with KPFK’s Antiwar Radio host Scott Horton. Musical acts include the first LA appearance of recording artist Jordan Page, plus a wide range of local talent.

Tenth Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin calls Los Angeles the perfect place to tout nullification principles.

“Hands down, there is no better example of the Tenth Amendment and nullification in action than the medical marijuana movement around the country today. And that started right here in California.”

The Nullify Now! Event begins at 4 pm and runs until midnight. Get tickets here – or by calling 888-71-TICKETS

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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