The Principles of 98 Start to Flicker in Wisconsin

It seems as though Wisconsin is ready to assert its tenth amendment rights and claim state sovereignty!  Dozens of states have submitted similar resolutions and they have in most cases led to more specific legislation, such as health care freedom acts that nullify Obama’s health care and most recently, Texas, Utah and Michigan currently have resolutions going through the process to declare the unconstitutional searches by the TSA unlawful and subject to criminal penalties.

Texas has also just passed a Light Bulb Freedom Act which nullifies the ridiculous ban on incandescent light bulbs.  Hopefully, this resolution will lead to stronger, more specific legislation protecting the rights of the sovereign citizens of Wisconsin.

ASSEMBLY JOINT RESOLUTION 42  was submitted on May 25th of this year.

The resolution was introduced by Representatives Jaque, Kestell, Thiesfeldt, Zieglbauer, Krug, Kerkmann, August, Nygren, Meyer, LeMahieu, Strachota, Bies and Craig, and cosponsored by By Senators Leibham, Lazich, Kedzie and Galloway.


Lighting up the feds

That flickering light of freedom down in Texas emanates from an incandescent light bulb.

Edison’s brilliant invention will soon go dark in the U.S., essentially prohibited by federal law. Beginning next year, the feds will force Americans to begin abandoning the old standard light bulbs in favor of compact florescent bulbs filled with mercury, or other more expensive lighting.

But not in Texas.

Last week, Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill that will allow for the intrastate manufacture and sale of incandescent light bulbs in the Lone Star State.

HB 2501 rests on the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, affirming that the authority to regulate intrastate commerce remains with the states.


SCOTUS Defending the 10th Amendment? Good Luck

That’s the message that Kevin Gutzman gave on the recent Bond decision, which ruled that an individual can sue the feds under the 10th Amendment. From 1937 to 1995, the Supreme Court did not rule a single congressional statute unconstitutional. One cannot take for granted that any constitutional provision will be respected if asserted against…