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UPDATED 11-26-11: Help is needed to compile state legislator email addresses in a spreadsheet format. The states we need immediately are: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Vermont. Scroll down for more details.


Special Event: Live GOP Debate Coverage on Wednesday Night

Please join us for special edition of TRX: Tenther Radio on November 9, 2011 right here – listen live by clicking the play button at that time on the right. Join the conversation with your comments and questions by calling 213.785.7848.

Hosts Michael Boldin and Nick Hankoff will be in-studio in Los Angeles to give LIVE post-debate coverage from the Republican Debates.

NOTE: This show will start broadcasting AFTER the GOP Debate, starting approximately 6:30PM Pacific Time and running for 90 minutes


The George W. Bush presidency, through a glass darkly

Ten years on into the new century it is possible to see what is rising and what form it will take. It is possible also to see that this century rises like a phoenix from a singular psychotic historic episode which was the George W. Bush presidency. Compliant in this was a Congress of Easter Peeps let by Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, a Supreme Court which had lost its way and a MSM in the pocket of power. Ironically, it is the Republicans who gain from this and bring the century forward. Libertarians, constitutional conservatives, gold standard advocates, Austrian economists, Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Tenth Amendment Center; all have opened a door which will not be closed. But the Democrats begin to rise out of 20th century torpor well now with Elizabeth Warren.

George W. Bush cannot take all the credit. Bill Clinton, blinded by narcissism, hiring Republican advisors who gave him a budget surplus so that their shadow administration in waiting could spend freely on war and mayhem next, didn’t see what was up. Certainly vice president Dick Cheney who took as his guiding mantra the thought that “deficits don’t matter” deserves much of the credit. But it was Bush’s job and responsibility, even If it was Cheney doing the dirty work.


GOP Hypocrisy on Energy Subsidies?

When the Solyndra scandal broke in September, I wrote that “Republicans should be careful when casting stones given their past and present support for energy subsidies.” The left has been ripping congressional Republicans for making political hay of the Solyndra affair after having lobbied the Department of Energy to bestow their constituents with similar taxpayer handouts.

ThinkProgress released a report that documents letters sent by 62 Republican members of Congress to Energy officials groveling for subsidies. Are these Republicans hypocrites? I’d say that it depends. I think the members who justified their request on the basis of “job creation” while criticizing the Obama administration for justifying its stimulus packages on the same grounds belong in the “yes” column. Also belonging in the “yes” column are those subsidy-seeking members who have chastised the administration for engaging in “crony capitalism” and “picking winners and losers.” On the other hand, I don’t think the sole act of criticizing the Solyndra deal while begging Energy for money necessarily makes one a hypocrite.


Mitt Romney’s Wall Street Advisors Raises Serious Questions

In October, Presidential contender Mitt Romney released the 20 names of those he had selected to advise him in foreign policy and national security matters, more than half of whom, eleven to be exact, are members of the elite, semi-secret Council on Foreign Relations.  It isn’t that most of these persons are not qualified to advise, nor is it that very few of the twenty can be said to be conservative, even in a stretch, but it is the fact that for decades the CFR has been the special interest group, Think Tank if you prefer, that provides a majority of the “experts” in every administration, Democrat or Republican.

No special interest group has had more impact than the CFR over foreign policy in the 20th Century, leading many to question if we have but one political party in the United States with two arms.  Indeed, many see no significant difference in foreign policy between George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  Nor was there between George Bush and Bill Clinton.  CFR candidate Barack Obama, probably the most anti-war candidate in a couple of decades, and so condemnatory of his predecessor in this area, as president not only continued the Bush wars but added Libya and central Africa to the list while sponsoring drone killings in Pakistan, Syria, and Somali.  History will view him as having been as pro-war as his predecessor.


Yes. The States CAN (and should) Nullify Obamacare!

Add to iTunes Can the states Nullify Obamacare? Recently the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Virginia had no right to defend its citizens against unconstitutional federal laws. Were they right? If you’re listening to this show, you probably know the answer already. Jim Babka from DownsizeDC joins Michael Boldin and Jason Rink to…