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The key to advancing the cause of liberty is activism. Organizing is hard and often thankless work. But – there are those willing to dedicate their time and energy. They put aside their time for freedom….for all of us.

Tonight, we talk with one of our best young activists in the country, Maine Tenth Amendment Center chapter coordinator, Chris Dixon. Chris has been making inroads and connections with groups often not interested in liberty..and we hear a little about what makes up his secret sauce.

During the news segment of the show, the hosts discussed New Hampshire passing a law protecting jury nullification.  Lesley Swann described jury nullification as, “It offers juries the opportunity to judge not only the facts of a case …but actually the jury can judge the law, and they can choose in specific cases set aside the law.”


California: Nullification is the Rightful Remedy

After the recent “TAX” ruling from the Supreme Court, conservatives everywhere are calling on people to do what Founding Fathers like Jefferson and Madison advised – look to our states to protect our liberty against an out of control federal government (the courts too).

Filling in for Rush Limbaugh, the esteemed Dr. Walter E. Williams said “the states should nullify Obamacare”

An article in The American Spectator said the states are “our last best hope.”

And the National Review tells us that against Obamacare, “Governors and state legislators are the real heroes in this fight.”

If you want to learn about what you can do right NOW to follow this advice, don’t miss the TO Tea Party’s special event on July 17th. We’ll be hosting a free screening of the explosive new documentary film, Nullification: the Rightful Remedy.


The Washington State Health Care Freedom Act

Last year, the Washington State Health Care Freedom Act of 2011 was introduced in the Washington legislature. Despite all the efforts of governor Gregoire paving the way for implementation of the health care exchange in our state, the fight is just beginning. You can help us by signing the petition in support of nullifying Obamacare.…